You and God against the world (Joshua 18)

A new job. A new school. A new home.

Usually, these things cause anxiety. New beginnings are scary.

But I propose that we think of newness a bit differently. Instead of a chance to fail, think of new situations as a clean slate. A chance to try again and get it right this time.

Especially when we find ourselves in a situation like the Israelites in this chapter.

Land stretches before them. Their enemies are defeated. After years of slavery, wandering, trying, and failing, the Israelites have a new beginning as a nation.

So what’s next?

New life, who dis?

The most important new beginning any of us will ever have is the beginning of our new lives with God.

Just like the Israelites, we’ll defeat enemy after enemy, sin after sin, addiction after addiction; until they all lie behind us, flattened, bloody, never to rise again.

Just like the Israelites, we’ll stand looking forward to a new life, filled with new opportunities, new ways of spending our time, and new relationships with people that will bring us closer to Jesus.

And just like the Israelites, we’ll be given an inheritance. It won’t be land and it won’t be tons of cash. It will be privilege.

The privilege of knowing that we are loved unconditionally.

The privilege of knowing that we will never be alone again.

The privilege of receiving an answer to every prayer that enters our thoughts.

The privilege of one day leaving the pain and evil of this world behind for an eternal one.

Talk about a clean slate. Talk about a new beginning. When we start over with God, we have forever stretching out ahead of us. You and God. Me and God. Taking on eternity.

“My offer will never expire: start a new life with Me.”

The best thing about a new beginning with Jesus is that it isn’t a one time offer. It’s not even an annual one or a monthly one. It’s not exclusive. It’s not selective.

It’s open to any person. Any day. Any time.

It doesn’t matter if it’s our second attempt, or seventh, or millionth.

God will always want us to begin again with Him.

The only requirement is to say yes, and let God have control. He will fill our hearts. He will create something beautiful with our new lives.

So if you want new opportunities, a new relationship, unconditional love, a Friend that will never leave you, a new life, a clean slate…

Then accept God’s offer. Start new with Him.

And see what you’ll build together.

What do you think? Have you started a new life with Jesus – again?

One thought on “You and God against the world (Joshua 18)

  1. Amen! Amen! Victory after Victory! All sins lying behind us, bloody and lifeless on the field of battle! Amen!


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