Read this if you’re waiting on God (2 Samuel 2)

Do you ever feel a burst of excitement after praying to God for something?

You feel giddy, expectant, hopeful. You have faith. You believe God will answer you. You feel confident that He will do what’s best. You can’t wait to watch Him answer your prayers!

But then you wait. And you wait. And you keep waiting. And you wait some more.

But God still hasn’t answered you.

Why? What’s going on? Is God waiting for me to help myself first? Is He ignoring me? Am I on my own?

The last minute

Those were the questions King Saul was asking himself back in 1 Samuel 13. The Philistines were marching against him. His back was against the wall. He had done his part in assembling his army.

Now all that was left was God’s part, sending the prophet Samuel to make an offering and thus bless the Israelite army and give them success.

Saul waited. And waited. And then his army started deserting him. And then he started losing hope.

So he took matters into his own hands—and lost his kingdom in the process.

In this chapter, David is also waiting on God. He’s waiting for God to keep His promise. He’s waiting for God to make him king.

Only David has been waiting for years.

He could have taken matters in his own hands. He was a skilled soldier and a leader. He could have executed a military coup yesterday.

But instead David waited.

And waited.

And waited.

Until finally, in 2 Samuel 2:1, God says the word:


“I will do what’s best for your life.”

God didn’t make Saul wait in order to sabotage him. And he didn’t make David wait for funsies.

He allowed them to wait because waiting develops faith.

Waiting reminds us of Who is in charge of our lives.

Waiting asks us whether or not we believe God is trustworthy.

Waiting tests us to see if we truly believe that Someone else knows us better than we know ourselves.

David waited and was blessed with a kingdom. Saul did not wait and lost a kingdom.

Which one of them will you be? Which one of them will I be?

What do you think? Why did God make David wait?

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