After five years, a hiatus.

Hello, friends.

A little over five years ago, I started this blog with the goal and intention of taking an honest, eager dive into the Bible. I wanted to ask it questions. I wanted to be honest about how its stories made me feel. But ultimately, I wanted to lift gleaming jewels from its pages because I believed that that’s what the Bible held: jewels. Truth. Beauty. Hope. Instruction.

Lately, however, that belief has flagged. Because of some personal questions, personal confusion, personal doubts I have in the Bible, my blogs have felt less earnest and less honest. I haven’t been writing from my heart, I’ve been writing because I had to or because I wanted to be consistent.

But what is the point of vomiting out blog post after blog post if I don’t really believe what I’m writing? If I’m struggling with my faith?

After some soul searching, I’ve decided that the answer is that there isn’t any. I don’t want to harm anyone else’s faith. I don’t want to post confusion or lies or even my own doubts, because the journey I’m on to re-examine and re-build my faith is a really personal one.

So, for now, I will be taking a pause from posting these blogs. I hope I can return, but I don’t know if I will.

I’d love your prayers. Either way, much love, and maybe you’ll be hearing from me later on.

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