Feelin’ Ourselves (Exodus 19)

Summary: They say that sometimes the anticipation of a thing is better than the thing itself. The excitement before a holiday, the pregnant pause before an announcement, the vivid daydreams of a coming vacation are all delicious and wonderful and perfect, especially because the reality of the thing, with its drawbacks and disappointments, hasn't come … Continue reading Feelin’ Ourselves (Exodus 19)

Blessings Are Not For The Faint Of Heart (Genesis 33)

Summary: I used to perform artistic sign language at church a lot when I was younger. It was like praise dancing, only the movements that I and the rest of the group executed were (grammatically incorrect) American Sign Language that (should have) reflected the words of a gospel song. I remember how sometimes we would … Continue reading Blessings Are Not For The Faint Of Heart (Genesis 33)