Classic Overreaction (Leviticus 10)

Summary: How many of you just let loose once you're done with something huge? I know I'm not the only one. After graduation, there are parties. After completing a difficult project at work, there are vacations. Even celebrities, after finishing a movie or show, stop their workout plans and start eating junk again. And right … Continue reading Classic Overreaction (Leviticus 10)

The Problem With Our Justice System (Genesis 20)

Summary: Injustice is a terrible thing. But it is everywhere. It seems as if people are suffering from it now more than ever, but that isn't true. We've always had it pretty bad. There has always been bias. There has always been selfishness. There has always been bribery and greed and outright evil. Yet without … Continue reading The Problem With Our Justice System (Genesis 20)