A Traditional Family Man (Genesis 48)

Summary: The patriarchy. It's the popular societal paradigm of yesteryear. We are entering a new era, and you can tell from all the bold and boisterous cries against the patriarchy. These days, men don't rule the world. Tradition does not rule the world. Women and minorities and nontraditional people everywhere are asserting their right to … Continue reading A Traditional Family Man (Genesis 48)

Blessings Are Not For The Faint Of Heart (Genesis 33)

Summary: I used to perform artistic sign language at church a lot when I was younger. It was like praise dancing, only the movements that I and the rest of the group executed were (grammatically incorrect) American Sign Language that (should have) reflected the words of a gospel song. I remember how sometimes we would … Continue reading Blessings Are Not For The Faint Of Heart (Genesis 33)

Oh, The Places You’ll Go (Genesis 25)

Summary: Children are fascinating to me. Especially around the ages of ten, eleven, and twelve, kids are really coming into their own. They're still fairly innocent, not yet super moody, but they're exploring their own interests and hobbies. Looking at them, I wonder how their lives will turn out for them as they grow up. … Continue reading Oh, The Places You’ll Go (Genesis 25)