Come As You Are…Actually, Don’t (Leviticus 22)

Summary: Have you ever suddenly come to the horrifying realization that that smell is you? Maybe you didn't put enough deodorant on. Maybe you ate something really garlicky! The bottom line is that something smells, and it's you. I'm a sweaty person, especially when I'm nervous or uncomfortable, so this happens to me a lot. … Continue reading Come As You Are…Actually, Don’t (Leviticus 22)

Classic Overreaction (Leviticus 10)

Summary: How many of you just let loose once you're done with something huge? I know I'm not the only one. After graduation, there are parties. After completing a difficult project at work, there are vacations. Even celebrities, after finishing a movie or show, stop their workout plans and start eating junk again. And right … Continue reading Classic Overreaction (Leviticus 10)