God’s Asking Too Much (Exodus 13)

Summary: You know how you can fall into rabbit holes on the internet? I fell into one this week, reading story after unbelievable story about terribly selfish people expecting huge favors from others for little to nothing in return. One person rudely demanded one of their Facebook friends hand over a free flight voucher to … Continue reading God’s Asking Too Much (Exodus 13)

The Loneliest Delusion (Exodus 10)

Summary: "I need to get out more." That is only one of the refrains that makes up the constant background noise in our minds, but it is a common one. Especially nowadays. What with perfectly crafted Instagrams, Facebook check-ins, and Venmo histories, we are always being bombarded with reminders of the things we should be … Continue reading The Loneliest Delusion (Exodus 10)