Come As You Are…Actually, Don’t (Leviticus 22)

Summary: Have you ever suddenly come to the horrifying realization that that smell is you? Maybe you didn't put enough deodorant on. Maybe you ate something really garlicky! The bottom line is that something smells, and it's you. I'm a sweaty person, especially when I'm nervous or uncomfortable, so this happens to me a lot. … Continue reading Come As You Are…Actually, Don’t (Leviticus 22)

Christians Are Crazy (Exodus 6)

Summary: You ever hear about those scams people end up falling for? Men and women send money to people halfway across the world, believing the scammer's promise of millions of dollars in the future. Hopeless romantics form relationships online, despite the object of their affections dubiously claiming to be Tyler Perry or even just super … Continue reading Christians Are Crazy (Exodus 6)

A Traditional Family Man (Genesis 48)

Summary: The patriarchy. It's the popular societal paradigm of yesteryear. We are entering a new era, and you can tell from all the bold and boisterous cries against the patriarchy. These days, men don't rule the world. Tradition does not rule the world. Women and minorities and nontraditional people everywhere are asserting their right to … Continue reading A Traditional Family Man (Genesis 48)