The New Health and Wellness Guru (Leviticus 11)

Summary: "Cleanliness is next to godliness!" How often have you heard someone say that? It's usually met with an eye roll, because whoever is repeating this tired phrase is probably smugly scolding something we've done that does not meet their standards, and we're just like "Please leave me and my comfortable filth alone". But Leviticus … Continue reading The New Health and Wellness Guru (Leviticus 11)

So You Think You Can Serve? (Exodus 24)

Summary: Number 27 on the list of Things People On Reality TV Say Way Too Much is "They just have that star quality". Or "they just have it". It's wonderful because it's specific enough to make the speaker sound like they really know what they're talking about yet vague enough to mean nothing whatsoever. It's a … Continue reading So You Think You Can Serve? (Exodus 24)

God’s Asking Too Much (Exodus 13)

Summary: You know how you can fall into rabbit holes on the internet? I fell into one this week, reading story after unbelievable story about terribly selfish people expecting huge favors from others for little to nothing in return. One person rudely demanded one of their Facebook friends hand over a free flight voucher to … Continue reading God’s Asking Too Much (Exodus 13)